Turnierbericht vom Gewinner des GP KASSEL(engl.)

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      Turnierbericht vom Gewinner des GP KASSEL(engl.)

      Auf Facebook in der Gruppe Force of Will TCG - US hat unser Gewinner des GP Kassel, dem FoW Spezialist @Dragonslay, selbst ein Turnierbericht gepostet.
      Das will ich euch ebenfalls zur Verfügung stellen :)

      Viel Spaß beim Lesen:

      for some reason people asked me to do a tournament report for my fox deck in kassel. i was bored so have fun.

      The group of people I traveled with reached Kassel at 9 pm or so on friday. After meeting with some people of my team and others I knew we went to our rooms. For some reason that may not be discussed here, We didn´t get to sleep till like 2 in the morning tho.
      We woke up after about 4 hours of sleep. I still wasnt sure what I was going to play for the event.
      My tired self decided to play the deck I had lots of practice on, but the list I had prepared was quite different from everything that I´ve played before. Regardless the choice was made and I expected to atleast get to top-16 with it. Top 4 was my goal because that qualifies you for a german-exclusive tournament later this year.

      Round 1: vs Hoang Manh (Pricia Giants)

      I knew my opponent only from the fact that he was one of the few germans that passed the Judge test so far, however I had no idea what he was playing or how good he was. About 3 or 4 turns later he had a Skyscrapper Giant and 2 Wind-secluded-refuge´s in play and i scoop´d game 1. He then proceeded to find an unanswered Pricia T2 kill for my quick 0-1 start into the swiss Portion of the tournament.

      Round 2: vs Frankowski Stefan (Pricia Myth)

      I crush him game 1. Game 2 he opts to go 2nd with Sacred elf+Hydromonica as his first play.
      My sleep gets me on this on as I just dont see whats comming my way as I play a Wind-secluded refuge to protect my Abdul thats left in hand with the kaguyas moonbeam butterfly. He draws for turn, uses his coin+sacred elf to stack a card before untap and I realize my mistake. I just ask him if its hook, he reveals it and we got to game 3. He has the Pricia otk for me as I dont see a way to stop it in my first 10 cards. Back with my friends and team jaws are dropping as im announcing im 0-2 in the tournament, but hey only 1 more loss until I get to finaly try out side events.

      Round 3: vs Markowiak Tina (Fox)

      Decks and games dont really matter here as shes playing for the sole purpose of not having to wait on someone else shes there with. People who only play for fun are really great to talk to tho, one of the best rounds I had all day just because I got to meet some nice people and the one girl that asked me "arent you a known player, are you trolling or something?" :D

      Round 4: vs Gietz Tim (Pricia Myth)

      Another great person to talk to, sadly he started the game only a few months back so he missplays both games for a clear 2-0 sweep. 2-2 standing and im still not very happy as I have to win 4 more matches in a row.

      Round 5: vs Damasch Florian (Fox)

      Not 100% sure if I matched all names from here onwards to their respective games and decks so sorry if I messed something up. He was on a pretty standard Red-Fox with Avatar engine. I didn´t expect my build to match up well with other fox decks, turns out i was wrong. Playing effective 7 copys of abdul main and space time as an abdul out as well as carddraw to digg further was superb here. He made a huge missplay game 2 probly costing him the game tho as he flipd on turn 3 or 4 and got all his resos killed. Leaving him with a useless fox and 1 less stone than me, which I use to snowball a bunch of abduls into play. Spacetime is insane in mirror matches.

      Round 6: vs Stockmann Felix (Gil Lapis Control)

      Im rather confused as he flips Gil Lapis (1.0 not 2.0) and plays a blue black control deck. He has 3 copys each of spacetime, prison in the lunar lake and soulhunt in his first 15 or so cards. He uses that to run me out of cards before fox can get relevant in the game. He starts getting somewhat arrogant with 30 min on the clock and me forced to win 2 games to survive day 1. He boards into Val 3 and proceeds to find almost no cards whatsoever that stop me from rolling the griphon train on him, he had an abdul and a prison but they only matter for a turn each in the face of space time anomaly and a cat, followed by kaguya moonbeam butterfly to fetch the light fairy – he didnt expect it and tapd out assuming he had a prison to keep him safe. Game 3 he has a good start with multiple abduls. Turn 4 dark arthur – he answers with doublecast spacetime. Turn 5 I retake&replay it – he answers with doublecast spacetime once more. Turn 6, I play him again, he tapps out for a hera and a lucifer. I end my turn with 2 titantia, a griphon, a monkey and a bird, he losses soon after.

      I end day 1 as 42nd with 2 more rounds in swiss to go, if I win both maybe just maybe I can sneak in. We have some issues to figure out in our travel group but go to sleep rather early.
      Next day, still tired, only have to win 2 rounds to maybe make it. Im not very happy looking at it like that.

      Round 7: vs Michael Müller

      I have no idea what happend this game or what I even won against, I might´ve mixed it up with the Round 6 game too. Yeah whatever lets go 1 more round.

      Round 8: vs Hanke Severin (Pricia Myth)

      I win game 1, dont know how either but yeah... nobody cares anyways. Game 2, he opts to go first and flips a blazer as his ruler, im scared for a second until I realize, I boarded in both of my refuges anyways and have 1 of them in my hand, together with a butterfly. It shouldnt do anything.
      He resolves Izanagi on turn 2 or 3 and starts beating my face for 14 a turn, except izanagi doesnt fly because hes not on pricia anymore and monkey does a decent job at buying time. I resolve my 2 copys of wind-secluded-refuge 3 times within 5 or 6 turns. Yet i loose to his almost godly hand.
      Less than 10 minutes on the clock and he has 4 pricia stones in his stone deck, I assume he switches back to pricia, beacuse the game is decided by life total in case we don´t have a clear winner by the end of time out. Indeed he is and indeed I kept my barrier in my opening hand. He won´t resolve an Izanagi before I flip either as his hand is almost entirely regalia. He cannot deal damage to me and I win with a huge lead, both in life and on board.

      Im happy that I made atleast a 6-2 out of my 0-2 start but im still not sure if I made top 16 or not.
      Some time later its clear. Im 16th seed, get to play topcut and get to play exclusively pricia as my opponents.

      Round of 16: vs Haberstroh Pascal (Pricia Myth)

      He did 8-0 swiss if I im correct, is one of the best players and probably the best pricia myth player in the room. I open barrier both games, followed by abdul + protection for him both games while he can´t get rid of either of the cards. Still good games but he was at a huge disadvantage early on he couldn´t recover from.

      Round of 8: vs Stärk Roman (Pricia Myth)

      A nice guy, sadly got dq´d for attempted bribery before we could play our feature match.

      Round of 4: vs Drebenstedt Carlo (Pricia Myth)

      I got what I came for, I dont need to win to get my paid invite as I already had one... however my teammates Chris Härtl and Sascha Jedlicka played on the other table, neither of them had a paid invite and both of them were higher seeded than Carlo. Meaning if I win here, both of them get to fly to Japan. If I loose, Carlo and the winner of them gets to fly instead. Good time for my killing stone to get unlucky... 3 times. For those who doubt fiery fox´s right to be played in fox, watch this feature match as I win 2 out of my 3 games mostly thanks to him digging for stones.

      Final vs Sascha Jedlicka (Pricia Myth ...duh...)

      Had a blast playing with him. Really great game 1 and 3 despite him bricking slightly. Game 2 he has everything while i find a red-green stone turn 1 – looking at my opening hand of 2 space-time, 2 deathscythe& 1 abdul. Im dead before playing a card.

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