Extra und Side Deck Hüllen

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      Extra und Side Deck Hüllen

      Hey :)

      Meine Frage lautet, ob Extra Deck Monster, die ich im Side Deck spiele, die selben Hüllen wie das Extra Deck haben müssen und wenn nein, ob ich beim siden dann die Hülle eine Side Deck Extra Deck Monsters mit der eines Extra Deck Monsters tauschen muss?

      Danke schonmal für die Antworten :)

      MfG TT

      Crow94 schrieb:

      auf locals wird das oft eh nicht so streng genommen...
      speziell hierbei auch für das side deck, wenn du eine extra deck karte im side deck hast, muss diese allerdings die gleiche hülle haben wie die restlichen side und main deck karten

      auszug aus den policies
      Spoiler anzeigen

      H. SleevesA player may choose to use plastic card sleeves to protect their cards during the course of a tournament.All sleeves must be identical in terms of color, wear, and design, and all cards must be placed into sleevesin the same direction and manner.
      Players may not “double sleeve” their Decks or any part of their Deck. Only one sleeve may be used oneach card, which includes cards used as Tokens.

      Players may have only one card in each sleeve. Players may not have anything but that card in the sleeve.

      At Tier 2 events, the quality of player’s sleeves will be held to a higher standard. Any sleeves withnoticeable patterns or wear may be subject to penalties.

      Sleeves with highly reflective backs are not allowed.

      Sleeves with artwork, provided they are all identical and of non-offensive nature (at the Head Judge’sdiscretion), are allowed.Sleeves with excessive wear, noticeable patterns, or other identifying characteristics may be disallowedby the Head Judge. If you have a question about the legality of your sleeves, the Head Judge is the finalarbiter as to whether or not your sleeves can be used in that tournament. If players are unsure if theirsleeves are marked, they should consult a Judge prior to the start of the tournament or as soon as thepossible markings are discovered.