|BELGIUM-LUTTICH| WCQ 2019 SUNDAY 06/01/2019 ​

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      |BELGIUM-LUTTICH| WCQ 2019 SUNDAY 06/01/2019 ​

      |BELGIUM-LUTTICH| WCQ 2019 SUNDAY 16/09/2018

      ALL countries are welcome.

      Price: € 20 including 5 new boosters.

      Registration opening at 10am.

      Deck List will be requested upon registration.

      Tournament begin at 11am.
      Open Doors 10 am

      Limitation 300 places.

      1 qualification for every 8 players for the next step.

      PRIZINGS will be planned according to the number of participants present.

      Address of the day of the event:
      Saint Benedict Saint Servais School
      Entrance through
      Rue Saint Gilles 104
      4000 Liège.

      (FREE parking 400 places)

      Snacks and Drinks will be provided during the event.

      Thank you