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      Best camera apps for Android devices

      These are the five most amazing selfie apps for Android that you will sometimes not recognize yourself in your selfie. Thanks to the support of the camera app best, you will get sparkling photos to share via Facebook or Instagram.


      If you want to find an application that is simple to edit your images to become more sparkling, Afterlight is a good choice for you. Afterlight is an easy-to-use photo editing tool that helps you become more confident with 74 unique filters, 78 textures, and 128 frames. These features allow your images to be turned into sparkling pictures. Afterlight is not too fussy and cumbersome, everything is excellent enough for you to get many satisfactory photos.


      FaceTune is a great app for Android that helps you get the best picture quality with just a little photo editing magic. Do you have some minor blemishes on your face and you want to fix it quickly? With FaceTune, you can edit smiles, whiten your teeth, beautify your skin, edit more with your eyes, change your hair, reshape your face, makeup, improve your image and much more.

      In addition, with Facetune, you are also allowed to share your edited images to friends through famous social networking sites.

      Photo Director

      Photo Director is another great selfie app that offers many options for you to be on the go. Photo Director can create a beautiful photo with automatic skin color correction and can easily remove an unwanted object from a photo so it doesn't distract from your presence. You can make colors more vivid, add HDR effects, add overlays to create a mood for photos and more.
      Such an amazing selfie camera app!

      Microsoft Selfie

      Microsoft Selfie uses advanced technology to determine age, gender, skin color and light to find the best way to give impressive pictures. Unlike some editing applications that can leave you with an unnatural look, this app provides a nice way to edit an image while maintaining its natural appearance. In addition, the application also has the option of reducing noise very well in low light conditions and selecting the exposure mode to automatically improve the image quality.


      TouchRetouch application has the ability to delete unwanted details in the image, bringing beautiful pictures with just a few taps. You can use this application to delete a power line in the background or to remove stains on your shirt. The application is easy to use and is one of the best ways to remove excess objects from your photos before putting them in another application or uploading them to Facebook and Instagram. Don't wait and Get apk from google play right now!

      Wrapping it up!

      Above are highly-rated camera applications for all Android users. All are free and easy-to-learn. Spend a couple of minutes to discover all the awesome features and you will be surprised by significant improvements in your photography skills. Get the most stunning pictures and make your friends admire you right now.

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