ABGESAGT!!!! Yu-Gi-Oh! National Trials 2020 am Sa, 21.03.2020, im Mage Store Düsseldorf

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      ABGESAGT!!!! Yu-Gi-Oh! National Trials 2020 am Sa, 21.03.2020, im Mage Store Düsseldorf

      Verpasst diesen Trial nicht!

      Wann: Samstag, 21.03.2020

      Beginn: 11.00 Uhr
      Anmeldeschluß für vorangemeldete Spieler: 10.30 Uhr

      Advanced Constructed ohne Tops nach aktueller Banned Liste

      Startgeld: 10.-Euro

      Jeder Teilnehmer erhält 2 aktuelle OTS-Booster.


      - Der Sieger erhält ein VIP Package und eine Win-A-Mat Matte

      Das VIP-Package beinhaltet:
      Kostenlose Teilnahme am National 2020
      Catering Voucher im Wert von 15€
      VIP Registrierung

      - weitere Boosterpreise, die sich nach der Teilnehmerzahl richten

      Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 80!!!

      - Email: info@magestore.de
      - Tel.: 0211-9944085
      - vor Ort
      - hier im thread

      Mage Store
      Graf Adolf Str.41
      40210 Düsseldorf



      1. Jan Rybacki
      2. Ismail Bayrak
      3. Salah Beck
      4. Jason Schulz
      5. Jonah Holtdorf
      6. Ferres Mauris
      7. Patrick Raedt
      8. Markus Guttau
      9. Daniel Kepp
      10.Sascha Käß
      11.Aaron Strumpen
      12.Leon Müller
      13.David Yaman
      14.Severin Popiolek
      15.Klaudjo Kurtezi
      16.Felix Barabasch
      17.Friedrich Widera
      18.Tim Gilles
      19.Lucas Waser
      20.Luca Kranz
      21.Cedric Röös
      22.Andrzej Woitke
      23.Pia Schröder
      24.Daniel Ruthard
      25.Nicolas Mehl
      26.Felix Würzbirger
      27.Bilal Benali
      28.Dominik Heckert
      29.Lucy Swertz
      Christoph Kossendey
      Mage Store
      40210 Düsseldorf


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      Bitte Voranmelden:

      Jan Rybacki
      Ismail Bayrak
      Salah Beck
      Jason Schulz
      Jonah Holtdorf
      Ferres Mauris
      Patrick Raedt
      Markus Guttau
      Daniel Kepp
      Sascha Käß
      Aaron Strumpen
      Leon Müller
      David Yaman
      Severin Popiolek
      Klaudjo Kurtezi
      Felix Barabasch
      Friedrich Widera
      Tim Gilles
      Lucas Waser
      Luca Kranz
      Cedric Röös
      Andrzej Woitke

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      Kurze Frage inwiefern betrifft das folgende Ihr Event?


      Every year, we at KONAMI take great pleasure in providing Premier Events to bring together fans from all over the world to share their passion for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. However, we also place the health and safety of our players, fans and staff as our highest priority. In light of the developing situation relating to COVID-19 (previously known as “2019 novel coronavirus”), we have decided to postpone WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIER REGIONAL 2020 Events taking place before 15th April 2020. On top of this, all WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFIER NATIONAL 2020 Events taking place before 1st May 2020 are now postponed. These events include:
      • Austrian Nationals – April 11-12th 2020
      • German Nationals – April 18-19th 2020
      New dates will be shared later.
      We apologise if this has caused any inconvenience for our players who were intending to attend, judges who were preparing for the event, fans who were looking to keep an eye on the coverage, and everyone else who may be affected as a result. We continue to closely monitor the situation that is developing daily, and will provide updates on future events as soon as we are able to. These updates will be found here on www.yugioh-card.com
      For more information on Regional Events, including what events are still going ahead, please find it here.
      For more information on National Events, including what events are still going ahead, please find it here.
      You can find updates on all events be shared on the official Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG EU Social Media Channels:
      Additionally, those with non-press-related inquiries regarding these event and future events are encouraged to contact eu-opsupport@konami.com for updates.
      We thank all our Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG fans and Duelists for their patience and understanding during this time.
      Frequently Asked Questions
      Q. Are Regionals in the Oceanic Region (Australia & New Zealand) affected by this?
      A. All Regional Events in the Oceanic Region are still going ahead (until further notice).
      Q. When will the new dates be announced for these events?
      A. More information will be shared at a later date, these will be made known here on yugioh-card.com
      Q. What is happening with the Prizes that were going to be given at these events?
      A. Regional prizes will not be available until no earlier than 15th April. Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME tournaments taking place before this time are not WCQ Regional events, and will not award WCQ Regional prizing.
      Q. There are still tournaments being run in Europe, are these official?
      A. Tournament Organisers can still run Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME events before 15th April, however they will not be WCQ Events and should be run by the organiser in accordance with their local government rules and take on board the recommendations of the World Health Organisation.
      Q. Are future events likely to get cancelled?
      A. We are constantly monitoring the situation as it develops. Updates will be found here on yugioh-card.com
      This page will be updated as we get more queries.